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September UU the Vote Update

We are now just weeks from Election Day and there is a lot happening! 

Recent Efforts

Since mid-July Anne Frahn has distributed over 4,500 get-out-the-vote letters to members of the UUCPA community, and others have been printing their own letters from the Vote Forward website.  Kristi Iverson has been … read more.

Fair-Trade Chocolate is BYO

Given the difficulties in trying to sell fair-trade chocolate during the pandemic, the Action Council has decided that we will not be purchasing, repackaging, and selling fair trade mini chocolate bars this year.  UUCPA has been making fair trade chocolate available for Halloween since Rev. … read more.

ISO a Dutch speaker

Is there a fluent Dutch speaker in the congregation? Our lovely chalice lighting words for Sunday were originally written in Dutch by Roos van Doorn, minister Vrijzinnigen Nederland in Bennekom, Netherlands, and it would be great to hear them in that language as well as … read more.

Zoom fatigue? We have you covered!

To meet the needs of kids who can’t take one more Zoom meeting, we’re sending out monthly activity packets to all kids in grades K-8. Activity packets include fun games and puzzles, and we’ll slip in some learning about what it means to be a … read more.