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No Yard Sale This Year (2019)

The Yard Sale will not take place this year. There were a number of factors:  the lobby was rented through the whole period;  two services begin again in Aug.; also the Board has concerns about the amount of staff time involved and the amount of … read more.

UUCPA Banner Approved for Use in Pride Parades

The Action Council voted to approve the use of the UUCPA Banner at the San Francisco Pride Parade and the Silicon Valley Pride Parade.

Endorsement for the SF parade on Sunday, June 30th is symbolic only as registration to march in the parade is full and … read more.

UUJMCA’s Intergenerational Justice Summit, August 4 – 8

UUJMCA’s Intergenerational Justice Summit “Turning the Tides”, August 4 – 8 Benneville Pines, Southern California
Programming includes:

Deepening our spiritual call And connection to justice
Collaboratively designed and led worship and spiritual practices • Strategy development for our collective liberation
“Activism”: sustaining our creativity and imagination in our … read more.

Want To Read The Board Minutes?

The board meeting minutes can be found on the website under the pulldown “About”, choose “Our Governance” and click on “Board Meeting Minutes” in the lefthand column.  Or click this link.