Date(s) - 03/25/2017
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Clean Money

Who’s spending millions on political ads to buy elections while hiding their identity from voters? You should know.

Last year, Clean Money activists like you helped our California DISCLOSE Act, AB 700, get within one vote of passing! Now there are two new DISCLOSE Act supporters in the California Senate, so we have our best chance ever to strike a major blow against Citizen’s United.

We are back with the new DISCLOSE Act, AB 14, which would be the toughest law in the nation against secret money in politics, requiring political ads to stop deceiving voters about who’s paying for them.

It’s so important to stop hidden funders of political ads that we’re not taking any chances. We’re mobilizing massive grassroots support to push it through the legislature, and that’s why we need you!

Join our Northern California Grassroots Summit on March 25.

California Clean Money Campaign grassroots leaders and activists throughout Northern California are coming to a full-day summit on Saturday, March 25th in Palo Alto. Come learn how to talk about AB 14 and to plan the full-scale grassroots campaign to win strong in the home stretch! Also hear about some exciting new Clean Money bills that we can really help pass.

  • WHAT: Clean Money Grassroots Summit
  • WHEN: Saturday, March 25, 9 am to 4:30 pm, Light breakfast at 9 am. Lunch will also be served.
  • WHERE: Palo Alto, CA In a handicapped-accessible building.
  • COST: Free (but donations of $5 – $30 toward food and other costs appreciated.)
  • CARPOOLS will be coming from all over, so note on the registration page if you need or can offer a ride.

This is a full-day summit. The morning session is detailed training on AB 14, and the afternoon session is about implementing the campaign plan. If you can’t attend all day, you’re welcome to attend either morning or afternoon.

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