With so many things changing, we’ve decided to capture all of UUCPA’s information and policies related to COVID-19 on this single page. Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Please email your question to uucpa@uucpa.org.


Is the office open?

For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, the office is closed for the foreseeable future.  We are checking emails while we are out of the office, so feel free to email us with any questions or requests at uucpa@uucpa.org. In addition, we are checking voice mails regularly so it’s ok to call and leave a message.  Mail is getting picked up, so it’s ok to send a check in the mail to the office.

Should I come to church?

You should only come to UUCPA if your at-church activity has the approval of the UUCPA board of directors.

I am in a small group, can we meet on campus?

The many small groups and activities we offer at UUCPA transform lives. When we attend groups like the Forum, Brown Bag Books, a Chalice Circle, or a Choir rehearsal, we grow, we create beloved community, and we have a lot of fun. To make safe in-person meetings possible, the Small Group Covid Compliance Task Force has developed these group requirements. We are relying on group leaders and participants to follow the requirements as a way of caring for one another and the wider community. 

We used the current Federal, State, and County regulations as our baseline, knowing that these will change in the coming weeks and months. This task force will continue to meet as long as needed, updating the requirements as conditions and regulations change. 

If you are a group leader who is ready to plan your first on-campus meeting, please start by doing the following: 

  • Read the requirements spreadsheet carefully, noting which category your group falls under. There are group definitions at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Call or email the church office to schedule an appropriate space for your meeting. Responses to space requests may take up to three business days because our staff is still working remotely. 
  • Communicate clearly and more than once to your group members what the expectations are before you meet. 
  • As much as possible, plan for a way for remote attendees to participate in your meeting. 
  • Plan for the easiest way for you to collect contact tracing information at each meeting. Choices include using a paper form in the meeting room and slipping it in the library mail slot, emailing the office the first and last names and phone numbers of all participants, taking attendance using Realm, or using this Google Form

Please reach out to any member of the Task Force if you have questions regarding the requirements, and enjoy your return to the UUCPA campus!

Members of the Small Group Covid Compliance Task Force

  • Geetha Rao, Board Trustee and Small Group COVID Compliance Task Force Chair
  • Gregg Williams, Board Trustee and Small Group Portfolio Holder
  • Paula Hillard, Board Trustee and Adult Religious Education Portfolio Holder
  • Harry Wachob, Member of the Hybrid Services Committee
  • Brooke Bishara, Board President, brooke_b@uucpa.org

Sunday Services

Will we have Sunday Services?

Yes. We are currently transitioning to some in-person services while continuing to offer online services.

  • 9:30 am in-person-only service. Pre-registration is not required but will speed up your check-in process when you arrive.
  • 11:00 am online-only service via Zoom

You’ll find a description of the upcoming Sunday service on the This Sunday page.

How do I join the online Sunday Service?

The services are available via Zoom video conferencing and by live stream broadcast on our Facebook page. The services do not require an account on either website. To fully participate, join the Zoom meeting, for which you will need the meeting link or ID and the meeting password. If you can’t or don’t want to join the Zoom meeting, you can skip to the Facebook instructions.

Joining a service on Zoom

IMPORTANT NOTE: For security, Zoom passwords are not published on our website or social media. They are emailed via the Weekly Update newsletter. Join the Weekly Update email list. If you don’t receive the password, email uucpa@uucpa.org at least an hour before the service starts and we’ll email it to you. Or call the UUCPA main phone number 650-494-0541 for the password.

To join the UUCPA 11 am worship service, click the link https://zoom.us/j/485021387 or run the Zoom app, select Join Meeting, and type in the meeting ID 485 021 387. Then enter the password when prompted.

If you don’t have a computer or smartphone for connecting to Zoom you can phone in. Just call one of the phone numbers below and enter the meeting ID 485 021 387 when prompted, and then the password when prompted. If prompted for participant ID, enter #.

  • Dial by your location
    • +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
    • +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    • +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    • +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)
  • Find International numbers: https://zoom.us/u/abrr07IpdA

Joining a service on Facebook

If you are unable to join the video service on Zoom, you can instead watch it live-streamed on the UUCPA Facebook page. You can watch on Facebook without a password or a Facebook account. There will be a banner on the page asking you to create an account, but you can ignore it. The Facebook live stream is one-way, so you won’t be able to share your audio/video or to participate in our after-service breakout rooms for coffee time.

Where can I find the Order of Service?

Orders of service are published online along with each week’s service description. The order of service is posted on the This Sunday page before the service begins. Links to it, as well as the words to the hymns, will be posted in the Zoom Chat box.

How will the offering be collected?

During and after the services, you can donate here.

How can I share my Joys and Sorrows?

If you have joined the service in Zoom, you can share your joys and concerns using the chat feature. Or you can email them to Joys & Concerns (joyconcern@uucpa.org). Rev. Amy will look at both the chat and the emails and read these aloud during the Joys & Concerns section of the service, usually about 20 minutes in. Joys & Concerns received after that portion will be collected and included when these are shared with the congregation after the service.

This is all great, but I still miss the coffee hour!

At the end of the service we’ll invite everyone to stay online for a “virtual” coffee hour for video chats in small groups using Zoom breakout rooms. You’ll have to supply your own coffee or tea, but you’ll still be able to talk with other members of the congregation.

If I miss a service, is there a recording?

Yes! An audio recording of each week’s sermon is available by selecting the service title on the Past Worship Services page. Videos of the full service are usually available later the same week on the Services playlist of our YouTube channel.

Where can I get help with Zoom?

If you’re new to Zoom and you’d like someone to walk you through it’s use, join one of our Using Zoom classes or check out Zoom Tips page for step-by-step instructions. Or call Carmela Abraham or Elsa Schafer, church volunteers offering “tech support.” You can find their contact info in our online Realm directory or e-mail uucpa@uucpa.org for contact info. If you feel adventurous, here is a one-minute tutorial on how to join a meeting, and you can even do a practice meeting there.

Children and Youth

Is there still Sunday School for children and youth?

Yes! There are both in-person and online classes. Every in-person class will be fully outdoors in some part of the patio or playground. Read more about our plans here: uucpa.org/sunday-school-is-starting-up-this-sunday-september-12/.

Zoom links for online classes are sent via the weekly Sunday School Reminder email and monthly CYRE newsletter. Sign up to get them: https://www.uucpa.org/learning/children-and-youth/newsletter/.  If you didn’t get it, please email cyrecommittee@uucpa.org to request the link for your child’s class.  

Registration info can be found here.

If you would like to invite a friend to one of these meetings, please ask them to email Dan Harper at DanHarper@uucpa.org by the Friday prior to the Sunday when they would like to join. Dan will get the information he needs, and he will let the teachers know to include the new families on the call. We hope this service helps you and your family remain connected to UUCPA and to each other.

Is there still child care?

No. It is safe to assume that child care will not be available for the foreseeable future. We will continue to pay our staff, knowing that they want to work and can ill afford the missed income.

Classes and Groups

Is my class/group still meeting?

Check with your particular group, meeting, or class, to find out if/how you are meeting.

Getting Support

I’m just needing some extra support, or a friend of mine is. Can UUCPA help?

That’s what we’re here for! Send your concern to the Caring Network at caring@uucpa.org. We all count on each other to let us know where there is a need.

COVID-19 Exposures

COVID Exposures by week