Date(s) - 06/10/2018
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Room 4/5

This event has been postponed indefinitely.

Malta: Energy storage for 100% carbon-free electricity

Malta is an answer to one of the planet’s most existential questions: Can wind and solar energy replace coal? The advent of renewable-energy sources is encouraging, since three-quarters of global carbon emissions come from fossil fuels. But there is no clean, cost-effective, grid-scale technology for storing wind or solar energy for those times when the air is calm or the sky is dark. Malta has found a way to do it using molten salt. In Malta’s system, power from wind or solar would be converted into extremely hot and extremely cold thermal energy. The warmth would be stored in molten salt, while the coolth would live in antifreeze. A heat engine would then recombine the warmth and coolth as needed, converting them into electric energy that would be sent back out to the grid whenever needed. X believes that salt-based thermal storage could be considerably cheaper than any other grid-scale storage technology in the world. [adapted from The Atlantic]

Dr. Raj B. Apte joined X as a Rapid Evaluator in 2015 to help look for new Moonshots. Prior to that, he managed a team at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). P&G, Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony, and Philips (among others) have licensed or acquired his inventions. Raj holds degrees from Stanford University and UC Berkeley. He has over 75 publications and 50 issued patents.

Presenter: Dr. Raj Apte
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