Healing the Divide
Date(s) - 02/03/2019
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

This month we’ll watch and then discuss a Ted talk by Jonathan Haidt, a moral psychologist.  https://www.ted.com/talks/jonathan_haidt_on_the_moral_mind

Haidt, a moral psychologist, has identified six foundations for moral values.  The values are correlated with political viewpoints, and all sides to believe they are right in how they apply those values.  Bob Barret, last month’s speaker, suggested thinking about these values when talking with someone with a different viewpoint.
Healing the Divide is a UUCPA group that formed after the 2016 election to ask: 1) what do we not understand about others with more conservative viewpoints, and 2) what can we learn that will help us communicate even across wide differences in belief.

The meeting format is variable. In the past we have discussed a book or article, practiced communication skills, explored our own beliefs about particular topics, and interviewed guests whose views are different from ours.

Snacks will be provided. All are welcome!

Date: First Sundays, Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 3
Time: 12:30-2 pm
Location: Fireside Room
Facilitator: Susan Owicki (susan_o@uucpa.org)

Registration: Not required

Healing the Divide

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