Healing the Divide
Date(s) - 05/02/2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Healing the Divide will follow our custom of taking a break for June and July, so our next meeting on May 2 will be the last one for a while.  The plan for the May 2 meeting is as follows:
  1. Dick Duda will present and lead a discussion of “Five Rules to Subvert the Culture of Contempt.” This is the final chapter of the 2019 book by Arthur C. Brooks entitled Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from Our Culture of Contempt.
  2. After the discussion, the floor will be open for suggestions about plans when we resume in August.
One proposal for future plans is that we adopt the method used in the Humanist Group at UUCPA for selecting topics.  Three times a year they devote the beginning of the meeting to choosing topics for the succeeding three months.  People attending these planning meetings nominate six topics. and then three are selected by voting.  Ideally, the person who proposes a topic will also volunteer to lead the discussion, but that is not absolutely necessary.  After the topics are chosen, the meeting becomes an open discussion.
Because we often lose a month and because we do not meet in June and July, it would make sense for us to have two topics-choosing months, say,August and December   Also, when the chosen topic is a book to read and discuss, we could make that count as two or three of the subsequent meetings.  Again, after the topics are chosen, any remaining time can be devoted to open discussion.
Whether or not we adopt this procedure, please bring your ideas for topics that we might discuss when we resume in August.

Zoom information will be provided on heal-the-divide@uucpa.org a day or two before the meeting.  If you are not a member of that email list, you can request to join by sending a message to heal-the-divide+subscribe@uucpa.org.

Healing the Divide is a UUCPA group that formed after the 2016 election to ask: 1) what do we not understand about others with more conservative viewpoints, and 2) what can we learn that will help us communicate even across wide differences in belief.

Questions?  Please contact Susan Owicki at heal-the-divide+owner@uucpa.org

Hope to see you there!


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