Date(s) - 06/03/2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Presenter: Emi Hester

Topic: Suffering and Compassion

The purpose of compassion is to relieve people’s suffering. To be a compassionate person, we need to know about sufferings.

Sufferings are mirrors. They reflect the deepest needs of people and the injustice of the world. However, its illuminating nature is rarely appreciated in our culture. The collective aversion to sufferings dictates they stay hidden and confined… to their bearers, those with similar sufferings, or the offices of therapists. And…prevalent silence leads to prevalent ignorance, which hurt ourselves and others. Without the discussion of ordinary life ordeals, we don’t know how to cope…when losing loved ones, caring for the sick who only get sicker, facing a progressively debilitating illness…and other natural misfortunes of life. There are also man-made sufferings, which is injustice. Many people don’t know that the little-power people are repeatedly mistreated by many around them, the stigmatized are wounded by cruel rejections…etc. And, worst of all, these injustices are ignored and continued because of our ignorance.

Sounds too serious? Talking and discussing suffering can be a heart-warming experience that builds strong community. When sufferings of ours and other community fellows become known and understood, compassion, insights , support and relief also emerge.

Emi will speak of her understanding of compassion and suffering, and the sufferings she has experienced. Join her with your insight, personal experiences and observations.

This meeting features social time, a potluck, 20-minute presentation and all-peer discussion. We usually have more than 15 attendees.

Topics are selected by the group at the January, May, and September meetings. For the future meeting topics, details, dates, and location (which might change occasionally), please check this web page:

Social 6 pm, potluck 6:30 pm, and presentation 7:10 pm.

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