Date(s) - 06/25/2017
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Please join us after the 10:30 service!  It’s sponsored by the UUCPA Criminal Justice Reform group.  Goodies provided!
Here’s a chance to let your elected officials know what you want from them.  We’ll have everything you need — post cards, pens, addresses, stamps, even some draft wording.
We’re specially interested in 
Bail Reform  (There’s an important vote coming up in the State Assembly)
California Disclose Act
National Healthcare
The Bail Reform bill will reform California’s money bail system so that no one one is kept in jail while awaiting trial simply because they cannot afford to post bail. Currently over 70% of people in jail are in that predicament. The legislation will serve public safety by ensuring that judges have the information they need to determine who can be released while they await trial and what the conditions of release should be.
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