Diversity and the Golden Rule

Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto Sermons and Reflections
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto Sermons and Reflections
Diversity and the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a central part of many religious traditions. But buried in it is an assumption: the people who you are “doing unto” share your values and expectations. How can we transform the Rule to work with people whose values differ from ours? That would help us to create diverse communities where everyone’s needs are met.

Steve Johnson is a member of UUCPA who has offered his insights from the pulpit many times, as both a Worship Associate and preacher.

Florence Haas, another UUCPA member, brings us three songs that reflect on our trip through the pandemic and now emerging from it.

Worship leader: Steve Johnson

Special music: Florence Haas, soprano

Follow along in the order of service bit.ly/uucpa_oos_20220501.

9:30: We gather in person, on the main patio, distanced 3′ and masked for safety.  Children’s Religious Education is in session at the same time.

11:00: We gather in person in the Main Hall, in person on the main patio, and via Zoombit.ly/uucpa_service_11am. In-person, we are distanced 3′ and masked for safety; proof of vaccination is required to enter the Main Hall.

To watch the service live on our Facebook page, visit: www.facebook.com/uucpa/live_videos.

Photo: Mosaic at United Nations headquarters, based on Norman Rockwell’s painting The Golden Rule. Courtesy of UN.org.