Old Ways to New Worlds

Deep Ecology, Green Shinto And Reclaiming

For a more environmentally sustainable future, we need a new ethical, spiritual model. We need a model where science and religion are integrated and humans are a part, not rulers over the Earth. This scientific view is called “Deep Ecology.” We can find spiritual support for this “new” way by look- ing back to many older faith traditions. Some examples include “greener” interpretations of Christianity by Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Matthew Fox, Indigenous Native American traditions, Jainism, Buddhism, Green Shinto and the Permaculture work done by Starhawk and other Reclaiming Witches. We welcome Kiya Heartwood, who provided the music in a service last August, to be our worship leader and musician. She is an award-winning U.U. songwriter, activist and Starr King seminarian, and the Artistic Director of the People’s Orchestra of Austin, Texas.

Worship Leader and special music: Kiya Heartwood

Worship Associate: Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern