Our Congregation And Its Ministers, 1947 – 2000

From the founding of our congregation in 1947 up to the 21st century, our congregation was served by 11 different ministers (or more, depending on how you count). Looking at the relationships between our congregation and its ministers reveals a great deal about us Unitarian Universalists — what we think about lay leaders, what we think about ordained ministers, and what we believe the purpose of our congregation is. Aside from this high-minded purpose, I’ll also share some stories about the often interesting and sometimes colorful personalities who once served this congregation.

This is the first in an occasional series of sermons leading up to the 75th anniversary of our congregation in 2022.

The text of this sermon can be found on Rev. Dan Harper’s website: https://www.danielharper.org/archive/?p=935

Worship Leader: Rev. Dan Harper
Music: Wind in the Strings, Ken and Sue Dinwiddle, harp and flute