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How to Make Your Voice Heard at UUCPA

The Annual Meeting on April 19, 2020 is an important opportunity to have your say in how UUCPA is run and which programs are funded. Learn how to make sure you are eligible to vote and make your voice heard!

Make Your Voice Heard in the UUCPA Community

Once you’ve become an active member of the UUCPA community, formally joining is the next step in making your voice heard. For example, joining gives you a vote at the annual meeting and on matters of importance such as last year’s potential name change. If … read more.

UUCPA Annual Meeting 2018

On April 29, the UUCPA Annual Meeting of the Congregation was held. During this meeting, the following people were elected to their respective positions:

Board of Trustees:

Joe Bailey, 2-year term
Jim Basiji, 3-year term
Jeb Eddy, 3-year term
Mark Erickson, 3-year term
John Kostka, 1-year term

Nominating Committee:

Geoff Ivison, 2-year term

Delegates … read more.

Bylaws Change For Vote At Annual Meeting

The Board is proposing a Bylaws change for a vote at the Annual Meeting on April 29. This change would allow the board to appoint delegates to the PCD/PWR Assembly instead of having the congregation elect the delegates. Our annual meeting is often held near … read more.

Action Council Resolutions for 2018 Annual Meeting

At the April 2017 Annual Meeting, two Action Council resolutions were passed by the congregation:

Use of UUCPA Banner
UUCPA Endorsements

Approval of these two resolutions was approved to be effective until the April 2018 Annual Meeting.
This year the Action Council requests approval of the same two … read more.