2023-2024 Annual Fund Campaign Final Update

Thank you for a successful Annual Fund pledge drive! As of 4/22/23, we have received over 125 pledges totaling ~$540K. We won’t continue to publish these updates, but you are still welcome (and encouraged) to submit your pledge for the 2023-24 fiscal year. For more information, go to www.uucpa.org/pledge  

Amy, Autri, Barbara, Beth, Brian, Brooke, Buzz, Castor, Cat, David, Elsa, Esa, Gloria, Grace, Jack, Jeff, Jeralyn, John, Judy, Kay, Karen, Kevin, Kris, Kristi, Lisa, Maribea, Richard, Sean and Sven 

Your Team of 20 dedicated Stewards and hardworking Stewardship and 75th Anniversary Campaign Crews

Note: As of 4/22/23 the 75th Anniversary campaign pledges total $2.28M. We will continue to publish news about the 75th Anniversary Capital Campaign over the coming months.

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