75th Anniversary Campaign – We Are Two-Thirds of The Way There!

Congratulations Everyone ~ the 75th Annual Campaign is a full 2/3 of the way to both the Annual and Capital Campaign goals – a huge accomplishment we can all be proud of. Who would have thought a year ago that we would be building this solid foundation for our next 75 years, and in so little time? There are pledge forms with envelopes on the 75th Anniversary table Sunday (and a treat) if you would like to fill one out there or that afternoon at home. Or you can email your pledge to pledge@uucpa.org. We’ve encouraged you to wait for your Steward visit – yet you may not yet have had one. Please pledge anyway, and welcome that Steward when you get a call or e-mail – they’re great conversations and so meaningful for our Community.

Capital Campaign Totals (as of 10:30 am on Mar 16):

  • Total pledges to date: 43
  • Total dollars pledged to date: $1,873,335

Annual Fund Totals to date (as of 10:30 am on Mar 16):

  • Total pledges to date: 55
  • Total dollars pledged to date: $384,714

Now for some detail:

The Annual Fund, which keeps our doors open day to day, so that we have this beautiful Church to create the next 75 years for, needs its pledges to rev up to finish this final stretch – if you have been visited by a Steward and have not yet pledged, please do so! The table on the patio (or under the awning if it’s raining…) is awaiting your envelope today, (or the post office if you mail it). Another easy way to pledge is simply e-mailing: pledge@uucpa.org.

The Capital Campaign needs more pledges ~ yes, a new experience for many of us, but still…. We need to move forward with alacrity to the full design phase on the Kitchen, HVAC for the Main Hall and Classrooms 7-10, all the outdoor bathrooms, and the full electrical foundation for the entire campus. They will:

  • cut our carbon emissions by more than half, 
  • give us the shiny new, clean – and fully working – Kitchen, and 
  • keep us cool in the warm season for the first time in our history, 
  • as well as warm in the winter – 

  with No carbon expended – such a magnificent change! 

The longer we wait to implement these upgrades, the more expensive they become ~ Let’s do this now before inflation demands even more contributions.

If you have not yet been contacted by a Steward – they who are flat out with our several hundred people to visit – please send a note asking for your visit to: stewardship@uucpa.org

We’ll get you to the top of the list ASAP. We hope to finish this joint Campaign by the end of March (only 14 days – two weeks from today). Please help us all get there!

Thank you, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts,

Amy, Autri, Barbara, Beth, Brian, Brooke, Buzz, Cat, David, Elsa, Esa, Gloria, Grace, Jack, Jeff, Jeralyn, John, Judy, Kay, Karen, Kevin, Kris, Kristi, Lisa, Maribea, Richard, Sean and Sven 

Your Team of 18 wonderfully dedicated Stewards and the hardworking, determined Stewardship and 75h Anniversary Campaign Crew