75th Anniversary Campaign Celebration Wrap up

Such fun we had on our beautiful, colorful patio, partaking of Spring’s lovely weather last Sunday, May 14 celebrating the success of the 75th Anniversary Campaign and many other things:

  • we cheered on our impressive Coming of Age crew who gave us such a heartwarming Service and insight into themselves – such hope they bring for the future of society;
  • Flowers delivered for all on Mother’s Day by our loving Coming of Agers, more on tables for Lunch munchers;
  • Edie’s Team’s yummy Lunch on a wonderfully decorated patio – with Jeff’s clever flower-shaped table arrangement ~ just what the day ordered;
  • 75th Anniversary cakes and ice cream topped by the season’s best strawberries, for a sumptuous finish!
  • We thanked Beautiful Brooke for her yeoman leadership for so  many amazing years – during Covid even and untold bumps as well as joys during her Board leadership;
  • and sent Adventurous Amy off for her well-earned Sabbatical, with hearty thanks – and hopes that she remembers to come back!

Such a success for the Annual Fund well delivered by All of you – Donors, Stewards, and Committee planners, plus the hard-to-believe 75th Anniversary Campaign – now up to $2,330K, on the high end of our consultant’s original estimate for UUCPA:  448% of last year’s Annual Canvass – 4.5 times as much and still climbing. Whoo Hoo!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all from us all ~ such a Community, all in together. Grand sendoff to our next 75!!!