A New Test  Chair – Chair D (with and without arms)

As part of the Campus Vision Project, the Chairs Committee is selecting new chairs for the Main Hall. We need stackable, storable chairs that are beautiful for worship and comfortable for a wide range of people’s shapes and abilities.

We have really appreciated the feedback from everyone on Chair models A, B, and C. Survey results have been very useful.

We are requesting your input about the comfort of one more chair model, Chair D. We have two sample chairs, one with arms and one without. We’ll be testing chairs and collecting surveys on three Sundays, April 21, April 28, and May 5.

Survey forms for Chair D are green. Otherwise, they are just the same as the surveys you may have filled out for other chairs. We are NOT asking you to compare the different chair models or tell us your favorite. We just want to know how comfortable you find THIS chair, in its armed and/or armless form. If you try both kinds, you still fill out one form.

You are welcome to test Chair D and fill out a survey whether or not you participated in the previous survey. Chairs A and C are still in the Main Hall and labeled, but our comfort evaluation of them is complete.  We will not be accepting more surveys for those chairs.

A Chair Committee member will be on hand before and after the service to help you and answer any questions. It’s perfectly fine to test chairs and fill out the surveys at other times.

Your input is very important to us. Thank you for your continued attention.

The Chair Committee
Jeff Cashdollar, Jane Chronis (chair), Amy Finch, Eleanor Lin, Judy Lookabill, Drew Oman