Announcing Two UUCPA Endorsements

This message is to inform the congregation that the Board of Trustees has voted for UUCPA to co-sponsor the following two efforts:

1.     A speaker series to be offered by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palo Alto entitled Community, Faith, and Racial Justice.  The series begins on March 6.  You can find out more about this speaker series here.  There will be a separate message shortly with details of the events and how to register.

2.     Efforts by our Justice Partner, SURJ Sacred Heart, on behalf of the local PASOS organization to advocate with the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to fund a two-year pilot program of guaranteed basic income for 50 undocumented senior citizens who have paid into Social Security and Medicare during their working years but are unable to access benefits from these programs.  UUCPA will be submitting a letter of support for this proposal to the Board of Supervisors in the coming week.

Thanks to the Action Council and the Board for supporting both efforts.  If you have questions or concerns about either of these, please email no later than Sunday, February 25.