Announcing UUCPA’s UU the Vote for 2022

The UUA’s national UU the Vote campaign for 2022 is now underway and we at UUCPA are planning to join in once again.  Many of you are already writing postcards or otherwise participating in the Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) get-out-the-vote efforts by getting postcards from Linda Henigin or doing texting or phone banking in response to emails from Elsa Schafer.  Keep up the great work!  We will be continuing to promote ROV work leading up to the November 2022 election.  If you have not yet joined this effort, please contact Linda or Elsa for more information.

In addition to the ROV work, we are planning the following:

·  Anne Frahn will once again be offering opportunities to write get-out-the-vote letters to BIPOC and young people with Vote Forward, a non-partisan organization with which we also worked in 2020.  Contact Anne for free letters. They need to be mailed in late October. This year there is a UU the Vote webpage on the Vote Forward website, so you can even download your letters directly from there!

·  UUCPA will be hosting voter registration for participants in Move Mountain View’s Safe Parking program (all sites, not just our own) in the fall.  Once we have determined the specific dates for this effort, we will be looking for people to help register these voters.  

·  Amy is planning a democracy-themed service for Sunday, August 14.  In conjunction with this service, we plan to have opportunities for you to write letters or postcards on the patio, or to sign up to help with safe parking voter registration.

We are also launching a new email list for justice work called ActForJustice.  Be on the lookout for how to join this group and for more details on all these coming actions!