This Sunday, Aug 7 • Campus Vision Workshop 10:45-12:45

Go, UUCPA!  Our Campus Vision input so far has really helped our architect start to understand where we want to go from here. What’s next?  An all-church meeting on Sunday, August 7!  That’s where we will:

  • Get a summary from our architect team on what they have heard so far.
  • Learn what our remodeled campus might include, based on our wishes, and also on what modern buildings require.
  • Give the architect team our feedback on their work and understanding so far.

YOUR VOICE IS CRITICAL! Our best way forward is one that includes all of our voices.

That’s why instead of our usual 11am worship service, on Sunday, August 7 we’ll gather from 10:45-12:45 to further refine our collective vision. And just like our usual 11am service, childcare will be provided.  

Where? Same place as the Sunday 11am service–in the main hall, on the patio, and on Zoom. If you can make it in person it’ll be much easier, as those on the Zoom link will have to relay their thoughts through someone else (like the telephone game). Still workable, of course, but way more fun in person!

Want one more reason to come? “First Sunday Lunch” will be served after the meeting! Yum!

Also, you don’t have to miss the worship service altogether that day–the 9:30 service will be indoor/outdoor/Zoom like the 11:00 usually is.   The workshop will be in the same zoom session as the 9:30 service and will start after the breakout rooms are closed.

Questions? Contact the Campus Vision Task Force (Sally Ahnger, Edie Keating, Bill Hilton, Jeff Cashdollar, Barbara Smith-Thomas, Thida Cornes, Drew Oman, Kevin Crane, Maria Almli)