Author: Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Discovering UUCPA Sunday May 8 @ 1PM

I hope you can join me for Discovering UUCPA this Sunday!

The topic of this session is How Things Work / Volunteering and Membership. It’s the perfect session to attend if: you feel like UUCPA is or might become your spiritual community, but you still don’t know many … read more.

Weaving the Web: With Care

Dear UUCPA folks,

This week has brought so many reminders of how delicately we balance as we create community.

Since COVID began, we have sought to balance safety and connection. And to make things more nuanced still, safety means not only protection from the virus, but sufficient … read more.

Mask update from the COVID Safety Task Force

We have updated the requirements for masking while on UUCPA campus. 

1.) Masks continue to be required for all indoor activities.

2.) Masks are strongly recommended while outdoors on campus. 

We recognize that UUCPA may be more COVID-cautious than other congregations. We base these guidelines on current science … read more.

UUCPA hiring update

We will shortly bid farewell and good wishes to our Associate Minister of Religious Education, Dan Harper. Dan will have been at UUCPA for 13 years and he leaves our religious education programs in great shape, despite the challenges of COVID.

We are sought and … read more.

Our “Lifted Moments”

During the service on April 3, we wrote high points of our experiences at UUCPA on these posters that are now displayed on the walls beside rooms 4, 5, and 6 (the block with the yellow doors).

“The dedications of my sons”
“Gospel Hallelujah by Choir, … read more.