Beta-test underway for sign-in system

On behalf of the Membership Committee, thanks so much to everyone who has stopped at the sign-in kiosk operated by Jeff Cashdollar for the last few weeks. You’re helping us troubleshoot any glitches in our database’s sign-in system.

We instituted sign-ins during COVID, to alert people when an attendee at a service or other gathering reported a positive test. We’ll still do that, and we’ve discovered just how helpful that information is in reaching out to people who have visited for the first time, and also to those who usually come who haven’t been there for a while. Sometimes that’s the only way we learn that someone is sick, since in the whirl of a hospitalization, people don’t always think to alert their ministers.

Soon we will have a couple of tablets–where you can log yourself in, since it is fast and user-friendly. We also expect to add a QR code that you can simply scan on your way in.

Small groups, whether you’re meeting in person or online or both, you can use a similar system to quickly add attendance information to the database. That information is very useful in reaching out on future occasions.

 If you have comments or ideas to share, we would love to hear them–drop us a line.