Buzz Frahn

What about UUCPA is important to me?

  • Our family found UUCPA in 2005
  • And when I think about UUCPA, my thoughts are almost always through the lens of family
  • Celebrating our children’s dedications with their godparents
  • Going on a visit with the middle school neighboring faiths class of my daughter, visiting our neighboring mosque
  • Watching my highly organized wife come to terms with the chaos inherent in UUCPA
  • Watching my son in Coming of age and as a worship associate
  • Planning our contributions to the water ceremony
  • On Christmas Eve, singing hymns and lighting candles with family and close friends
    • My dad, who despite having designed churches his whole career as an architect, hasn’t gone willingly to church in decades, except he loves coming to this service

So for me, UUCPA is a place where our family connects, learns, grows, and celebrates.  That’s what UUCPA means to me.