BYO Halloween Fair Trade Chocolate – Free Samples this Sunday

Free samples of Fair Trade chocolate will be available on the UU The Vote table this Sunday!

Action Council will not be selling fair trade chocolate this year, so you will have to buy your own (BYO) for trick-or-treating.  However, we have done the research for you to make it easier.  Buying fair trade chocolate instead of the major brands is a good way to support growers who are not using child labor or slave labor on their plantations.  Look for the Fair Trade mark on the labels of chocolate (and coffee and tea) to support companies that are compensating growers fairly.

The least expensive option that I found is OCHO, with the bonus that it is also organic and made by a local company in Oakland, and DELICIOUS!  They seem to be making a concerted effort to get into the Halloween market for the first time this year.  You can buy a bag of 45 pieces for $15.99 (36 cents each) available only in Target stores (aisle E11) or order a bag of 22 pieces for $10.99 (50 cents each) online at (free shipping with orders over $59). 

Green America just released their updated Chocolate Scorecard in time for Halloween:

I hope you will join us in voting with your cash for the protection of children.  Here is more information on child slavery in the chocolate industry:

Of course, you can always give raisins or little toys instead of candy.  The Action Council urges you not to give out chocolate made with child labor.

Thanks, Action Council members Sally Ahnger, Kristi Iverson, Edie Keating, Karen Skold, Tina Kochel, Sean Hansen, Chris Cassell, and Chris Kan

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