Calling new Worship Associates!

A photo shows stuffed animals at the pulpit, while other stuffed animals sit in the congregation. The words are "Apply to be a Worship Associate! Application Due March 1."

Have you ever attended a service and thought, “I’d like to be up there doing what today’s Worship Associate is doing”? Now’s your chance! Worship Associates typically serve for three years, and we are welcoming new members of the team this spring. Tell me a little about what draws you to this aspect of UUCPA using this application form.

It’s a deeply fulfilling way to serve, which Worship Associates consistently report helps them grow spiritually as much as their reflections and leadership help others. You can read more about what Worship Associates do here. And as always, you can direct any questions to me via email or phone (650-494-0541 x26).

Please respond by March 1.