Campus Vision Poll – due Feb 26

UUCPA is moving forward with our Campus Vision Phase 1 Renovation.  Its Core Project includes Campus-wide Electrical Upgrade, Kitchen, Main Hall Electrical HVAC, Choir Room, Shower, and Reconfigured Back Hallway and Storage. 

We have room in the budget for an additional project. Which project shall it be? There are four options we are considering. We need your feedback. Please take this poll, and rank the four options from your First Choice to your Fourth Choice. We will use your feedback to guide where to put our money at this stage.

We have had some folks say they want experts to decide what is best for the church. You are our expert; you are the only one who knows the church from your unique perspective. You are welcome to rank the options based either on “I most want” or on “What UUCPA most needs”.  From either perspective, please rank the projects to advise us on what you think we should prioritize.

The poll will close at midnight on Sunday, Feb 26. Everyone in the UUCPA community from age 12 and up is welcome to participate.  Please send questions to

Make your voice heard!  Click the link below and fill out the Poll.

Campus Vision Poll February 2023


The Campus Vision Task Force: Sally Ahnger (Chair), Maria Almli, Jeff Cashdollar, Kevin Crane, Bill Hilton, Edie Keating, Drew Oman and Barbara Smith-Thomas