Date(s) - 04/23/2017
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be on Sunday, April 23, following the second Sunday Service.

In this meeting, the congregation will vote on the following items:

• Members of the Board of Trustees
• Members of the Nominating Committee
• Representatives to the Pacific Central District Assembly
• Representatives to the UUA General Assembly
• Budget for FY18
• Advisory vote on the next UUA President
• Resolutions presented by members or committees
• Other matters as determined by the Board of Trustees or proposed by members at the meeting

Bagels and fruit will be served, and childcare will be available.

Members must have made a contribution of record during the past 12 calendar months to be eligible to vote. New members must be affirmed by the Board 30 days before the meeting.

If unable to attend, a member may designate another member as proxy — note that no one can hold more than one proxy. A member may also vote on candidates by completing an absentee ballot. If you submit a proxy, you may not also submit an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots and proxy forms will be available on the website and in the office.

For more information on congregational meetings, including proxies and absentee ballots, see:

Candidates for the Church Board and Other Positions

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slates:

Board of Trustees

There are four three-year positions on the Board of Trustees to be filled. The nominees are:

• Sally Ahnger
• Brooke Bishara • Audrey Erbes
• Lorraine Kostka

There is one one-year position on the Board of Trustees to be filled. The nominee is:

• Harrison Frahn

Nominating Committee

There are four Nominating Committee positions open for two-year terms. The nominees to date are:

  • Bill Hilton
  • Diane Meier
  • Lisa Helmonds
  • Tyler Kochel

Petition Nominations

In addition to the above listed candidates, members of the church are welcome to nominate themselves for a position on the Board or Nominating Committee. To do so prior to March 24, please contact the Nominating Committee at . Between March 25 and April 11, you may volunteer for either of these positions by drafting a petition to have your name included on the ballot, having it signed by at least three other church members, and submitting it to the church office, addressed to the Nominating Committee, no later than April 11.

PCD District Assembly in Walnut Creek, CA (May 5 – 6, 2017) UUCPA can send five representatives.

Nominees to date are:

• Esa Jacobi
To learn more about District Assembly, go here:

UUA General Assembly in New Orleans, LA (June 21 – 25, 2017) UUCPA can send five representatives.

UUCPA can send five representatives.  Nominees to date are:

  • Karen Skold
  • Sally Angher

To learn more about General Assembly, go here:
In addition to the above listed PCD and GA delegates, members of the church are welcome to nominate themselves as delegates by contacting the Nominating Committee. Delegates can also self-nominate from the floor during the Annual Meeting.

UUA President (advisory vote only)

At this year’s UUA General Assembly, representatives will elect a new UUA president for a term of six years. The candidates are:

• Rev. Allison Miller
• Rev. Jeanne Pupke
• Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

For those who would like to participate in the UUA President advisory vote, look for more information about these candidates in your UU World magazine or at the following link:

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