Understanding the Role of Labyrinths Throughout History and for Us
Date(s) - 10/21/2018
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Fireside Room

The archeological record shows that labyrinths have been part of human life for millennia. In this class, we will examine some of the many cultural and religious roles that labyrinths have played. We will also discuss how the UUCPA labyrinth fits into the life of our congregation. Regardless of our theological/philosophical point of view (e.g., humanist, theist, or spiritual non-theist), walking our labyrinth is a beneficial practice that we can all share.

Date: Sunday, Oct 21
Time: 12:30-2 pm
Location: Fireside Room
Facilitator: Marilyn Austin
Contact: Marilyn Austin (marilyn_a@uucpa.org)
Registration: Not required

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