Feb 26 Campus Vision Poll Results

Guided by your input, the Campus Vision Task Force has selected Option 2 to add to the scope of the Phase 1 Project.  Option 2 includes remodeling the outdoor restrooms (across from the office) to be gender-neutral bathrooms, as well as replacing the HVAC system in Building C (rooms 7-10) with an electric heat pump, providing heating, cooling, and air filtering.  This option was clearly the most popular in the recent poll of our community. Thank you to all the 110 people who participated in the poll.

The Phase 1 Project will now include the Core, which is:

     – Entire campus electricity system upgrade to provide the infrastructure for achieving our carbon-neutral goals;

     – Full kitchen remodel to upgrade it to a commercial-style kitchen;

     – Shower and washer/dryer to provide better services to our shelter guests;

     – Choir room upgrades (with heating and cooling!);

     – Main Hall electric heat pump water heater and HVAC (for heating cooling, and air filtering);

     – Reconfigured back hallway and storage; 


     – Remodeled outdoor bathrooms to be gender neutral;

     – Electric heat pump heating, cooling and air filtering for Rooms 7-10;

AND in addition, maintenance projects, including:

     – Electric heat pump heating, cooling and air filtering in the Ministers’ Building;

     – Repair of the outdoor bathroom sewer line; and

     – General repairs as needed.

We are investigating the possibility of including relatively low-cost items, such as new chairs for the Main Hall, new furniture for the children’s classrooms, and new pots and pans for the inductive stoves.  

As always, please send any questions or comments to campus@uucpa.org.  

FYI – if you entered a question in the comment section of the poll, please re-send it now to campus@uucpa.org.  We are unable to respond to questions in the poll because the poll was anonymous.


Campus Vision Task Force: Sally Ahnger (Chair), Maria Almli, Jeff Cashdollar, Kevin Crane, Bill Hilton, Edie Keating, Drew Oman, and Barbara Smith-Thomas