Healing past hurts

Dear UUCPA folks, From conversations with folks at UUCPA over some years, it is clear that a previous minister, Bill Jacobsen, committed sexual misconduct during his time here, violating the trust congregants place in their ministers. In congregational systems, as in families, in countries, in any community, the ripples from such actions can often be felt long afterwards. So it can be very healing to bring the history into the light, even though it is not easy, either from the people who survived the misconduct or the people who knew and liked any of the parties involved.

The Board and ministers want to lead us in this healing process, and our first consideration (having already consulted an expert) is the feelings of survivors. If you were affected by ministerial misconduct–here or elsewhere, from Bill Jacobsen or anyone else–we would like to know what you need in order to feel safe. You can speak confidentially to me or to Brooke Bishara, president of the Board.

Thanks, Amy