UUCPA hosts Heart and Home in March – Seeking Dinner Signups

Heart and Home Women’s Shelter arrived at UUCPA on Sunday, March 3, and is here for 6 weeks. So we need some dinner sign-ups! You will be signing up to bring a dinner for 12-15 with an entree and sides. (Drinks, plates, salad dressing are provided. Dessert is optional.) Bring a ready-to-eat dinner to the UUCPA kitchen between 6 and 6:15pm. 

Sign up at  https://tinyurl.com/hhhelpers Scroll down until you see “Evening at UUCPA” and click there. Many of you are right at home with this online signup – but Edie can help or put in your signup if that is helpful, send an email to food@uucpa.org to reach Edie. (There is a wide selection of available dates 😆)

What to bring? See idea list at the end of this email. A la carte helps – i.e. pasta and sauce and meatballs all separate, rather than arriving already mixed together. There is one vegan, so meat and cheese on the side is helpful, but not an absolute requirement for every meal. A salad or some cooked green beans or broccoli, etc. are also welcome. 

There are also evening helper signups – you will help serve dinner, and make up plates for late arrivals. 

Let me know if you have questions! Thanks, Edie

Menu Idea List

Recent dinner wishes from Heart and Home participants
Lentil soup
Beef and green beans
Fresh fruit / simple fruit salad
Vegetables! (4 participants)
Fresh artichokes – steamed
Caldo de res
Chicken and dumplings
TurkeySpaghetti and meatballs
Hamburger night
Greek food – chicken / lamb / veg skewers + rice! 
Italian food – pasta of all sorts
Fried chicken
Drinks: Ginger Ale
Past meals that have been popular at shelter
Fried chicken
Tossed salad topped with steak
Chinese food / take out welcome!
Chili – optional toppings for choice
Lasagne – veg / non veg 
Tacos – not too spicy
Salad – dressing on side. (H+H has ranch and balsamic dressing)
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy 
Sheet pan chicken thighs + veggies 
Baked potato bar! – sour cream and bacon, cheese, green onions
Ham dinner
Vegetables of all sorts