Help wanted: Extra oleander pruning day, Saturday Feb 18 at NOON!

So many oleanders, so little help! Glenda and Nancy are striving to get all the oleanders pruned by the end of of this month so they can get the most out of their spring growth spurt, but we are really missing the help of James Nelson. He usually works two days a week, but recently had cervical disc surgery.

So, we will have an extra work day this Saturday, February 18, from NOON to 3:00 PM.

In addition, on the holiday this Monday, as every Monday, Glenda and Nancy will garden from 12:00-3:00.  Please come for any or all of those times if you are able to lop or to load oleander branches into the compost bin.

It’s nice to know people are coming, so please email Nancy to let her know.

Thank you!!! Nancy and Glenda