Important Update from COVID Safety Team at UUCPA

Starting this Sunday, the 4th, proof of the bivalent booster will be required to enter the Main Hall for indoor services. Please bring your card and make sure that your latest booster was after September 2022. 

You can either email a picture of your card to or be prepared to show your paper or electronic vaccination card to the ushers on Sunday before entering the Main Hall.

Why do we have this deadline?

It takes two weeks for the vaccine to boost your immunity. And, in two weeks, we will have the “No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant!” By the nature of that intergenerational service, people move around, putting on costumes, and singing out more than usual. It is the goal of the Hybrid Task Force to keep participants safe and not provide a potential “super-spreader” Sunday.

Why are we required to get this vaccine?

Back in Jan. 2022, the Board enacted a policy that anyone attending inside would have to be “up-to-date” on COVID vaccines according to CDC guidelines. We have done very well with this policy. Thank you all for kindly showing your proof of vaccination as we returned to in-person services! 

Three months ago, the CDC added the newest omicron booster to their definition of “up-to-date.” In order to comply with CDC guidelines and the Board’s policy, we are asking everyone over the age of 5 to update their booster. 

Why do we have to show our vaccine cards?

A poll of the congregation and a vote of the Board both revealed that the majority of individuals wanted all of us to provide proof of vaccination.

What if I don’t have the booster yet?

We encourage you to visit a walk-in clinic or schedule an appointment as soon as possible, even this weekend! You can find locations at:

Until you receive the booster, you are welcome to attend online, sit outside, or listen to the service on campus over the radio at 88.7 FM. 

What about our children?

The bivalent booster has been approved for children 5 years and older. Since the vaccine schedule for children is different, some children might be “up-to-date” without the latest booster. Guidelines vary by age for children under age 5. If you have questions about your child’s eligibility, please consult: Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines Including Boosters | CDC

What if I can’t get the booster yet or I’m not allowed?

If you received a different booster recently or have tested positive for COVID, you may have to wait before receiving the bivalent booster. Please consult the CDC page to see if this applies to you: Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines Including Boosters | CDC In those cases, you are “up-to-date” and can attend in-person until you are eligible to receive the booster.

If you have other specific questions about whether you can attend services in the hall, please consult Rev. Amy ( before Sunday services.

We are dedicated to providing a safe space for all service attendees, especially as we enter the holiday season. Thank you for cooperating with our vaccine requirements.

With warm wishes for good health,

Your COVID Safety Team

  • Harry Wachob
  • Tamara Harr
  • Paula Hillard
  • Amy Zucker Morgenstern
  • Jeff Cashdollar
  • Brooke Bishara
  • Cat Boyle

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