Email lists for Action Groups at UUCPA.  These email lists help us share information and opportunities for action.  Some groups meet in person. Primary list for announcements of action opportunities Discuss and attempt to dismantle white supremacy
   Green Sanctuary Committee Improve communication with people who hold different views
   Welcoming Congregation supporters of LGBTQ rights.

To add yourself to one of these lists, you can ask to join by clicking on the link for the list above or sending an email to <list>  In many cases, you will have to wait for the list owner to add you as a member.  You will get an email when that happens.

Once you are a member, you may want to look at the list archives to see what messages have already been sent to the list.   You can see the archives by logging into Google with the email address used to sign up for the list and going to where you will see all the lists that you have signed up for.  You can see the archive and the list of members by clicking on the list name.

For more information about UUCPA email lists, go to the UUCPA main web page ( and select “Email Groups/Lists” from the “Connection” pulldown menu.