Kindness rocks!

Picture a child coming home after a hard day at school. They had a bad argument with a friend and they’re feeling angry and stuck. As they turn the corner to home, they see a word tucked under a bush: Love. They pick it up and bring it home.

Or 30 colleagues have a retreat and a half-dozen of them paint rocks. They intend to bring them to their neighborhoods and spread them around, but first they leave them out to dry. Another colleague sees one and asks around until she finds out who painted it. It says, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” She asks the person who painted it, “Can I take this home? It’s just what I need right now.” And so it goes home with her.

Picture this: you’re hurrying along, lost in thoughts of nothing very interesting or enjoyable, and looking down at the ground, when a flash of color catches your eye. It’s a rock–and a burst of creativity. Someone painted it and left it as a little gift for whoever happened by. You reach for it, then decide to leave it there for whoever else needs a smile.

Some people call it a movement: Kindness Rocks. They paint stones and keep them where they’ll see them, or leave them around for others to find. It’s a way to bring happiness to strangers. It’s an art project. It’s an activity people of any age and ability can do together. Rev. Amy Morgenstern’s daughter calls it “random guerrilla public art.” It’s fun! And it’s happening after the service on January 1, 2023. Amy will bring the stones, acrylic markers, and acrylic paints and brushes. You bring you. We’ll be set up indoors, and we can move out to the patio if the weather surprises us with a warm spell.

The other thing about kindness is: it grows–as a girl named Cecilia demonstrated.

So join Amy in starting 2023 with random acts of kindness and beauty!

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