Many thanks to All for the 75th Anniversary Campaign Kickoff!

Heartfelt thanks to Everyone who put in such special effort to create our wonderful gathering, over Ada’s Café cuisine,  Napa’s best, in that particularly sparklingly fabulous setting with the Helmonds/Finch/Schure/Cumbow/Owicki decor magically transforming the Main Hall into festive fun!

The musical genius of Richard/Mayo/Bruce, bringing in Barbara/Susan/Robert/Jack and Company was the highlight of the evening, with great framing by Kris, storytelling by Beth, and far too much talk from the rest of us – apologies times 10:(

How about that Tree? …with its growth seemingly overnight of the entire stalwart trunk for the huge $1.4MM foundation – fully half of the $2.8MM we need to transform our campus: halfway to carbon neutrality, prepped for the other half, functioning with a modern kitchen replacing the decrepit 75-year-old setup, which we use 157 days of the year!

But those amazing early donors didn’t stop there – they drove that starting foundation up four full branches for a total of $1,560,000!!

How lucky are we to start this campaign on so strong a base?!

Huge thanks to our generous, thoughtful donors who believe in the future of UUCPA and our gemutlich Congregation!

Lucky us to take nourishment from this loving, kind, welcoming, active, determined, helpful, insightful, giving, caring community.

Thank you to all for being here, appreciating all we create and share together, and for making this environment worthy of attracting stellar Ministers Amy and Cat. Living near UUCPA is one of this life’s great benefits ~ thank you for keeping it vibrant, growing, appealing and fascinating. Onward!

Next week we’ll do justice to the many dozens of people who make this campaign and vision, and created the buildup to its kickoff ~ examples of why we love being here. Onward!!