Meet (& consider joining) your cadre of stellar stewards calling to visit!

A grand array of Stewards have been contacting people in our UUCPA community, looking forward to visits with you in this 75th anniversary year. Please look forward to that call from your Steward, and here’s to all of us discovering the depth of this amazing Congregation – way beyond the positive feelings we have already:). We do need a few more people to become Stewards, as we’ve had one move, a tricky personal situation, and a major work project unanticipated – those things life throws our way. Contact for more information.

If you become a steward, you’ll be in good company: Maribea Berry, Esa Jacobi, Judy Lookabill, Brooke Bishara, Beth Nord, David Chen, Elsa Schafer, Kevin Crane, Karen Skold, Autri Dutta, Sven Thesen, Buzz Frahn, Brian Weller, Lisa Helmonds, and of course, Revs. Cat Boyle and Amy Zucker Morgenstern.

Reports from every Steward have been that they didn’t realize how much they’d enjoy getting to know both new people and more time to go deeper with people they’d known for years, more than just the 5-minute patio chat after Sunday Service, or from Committee work – rarely if ever actually learning more about what’s important to them. where their backgrounds overlapped, common experiences – even if thousands of miles apart. At a minimum, please accept your steward’s invitation to meet and talk about what’s important to you! Or if you want to experience the rewards of meeting with others, contact to become a volunteer steward!