Opportunity to Support Another Safe Parking Site – time sensitive

Dear Members and Friends of UUCPA, It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we launched the UUCPA Safe Parking Program! Thank you for supporting this vital outreach to our community’s unhoused. The program is operating successfully and we’re looking forward to its continuance.

The First Congregational Church of Palo Alto (FCCPA) has submitted a Safe Parking Permit that has been approved by Palo Alto’s Planning Department. However, a neighbor has filed an appeal, placing the approval on the Consent Calendar of the August 22nd City Council Meeting. This means the Council might choose to pull the approval from Consent and hold a later public hearing on the application. FCCPA is seeking support from community members and has asked if members of our congregation would e-mail or phone Council Members to indicate support for the FCCPA application. Below you’ll find suggested verbiage for outreach to the Council as well as contact information. Feel free to add your personal impressions of the UUCPA Safe Parking because our congregation has direct knowledge of how the program operates.

Thanks very much for your help – FCCPA appreciates the support!

Linda Henigin, Chris Kan, Kristi Iverson

Please note that our Action Council and Board of Trustees have approved sending a letter of support, but your individual messages will help too!


Dear XXX,

I am a [resident of Palo Alto* and a] member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (UUCPA).  I write in support of the First Congregational Church of Palo Alto’s (FCCPA) Safe Parking Permit as agendized on the Consent Calendar of your August 22nd Council meeting.

UUCPA has been operating Safe Parking on our church campus for the past 10 months and we are strong supporters of the program expanding to other church sites.  Why?  Because Safe Parking provides a safe place to sleep for individuals living in their cars and helps connect them to more permanent housing options.  The Safe Parking Program is set up in a way to protect the safety of all nearby residents while at the same time respecting the privacy and dignity of the people it will help.   

The UUCPA program has operated successfully and has not received complaints from neighbors or community members.  We have discovered first-hand that Safe Parking helps move vulnerable people into permanent housing while giving them a safe and predictable place to sleep as they are awaiting new options.  This makes our entire community safer, cleaner, and healthier.

FCCPA’s application is in full compliance with the regulations established by the City of Palo Alto and has been recommended for approval by the City’s Planning Department.  I urge you to approve FCCPA’s Safe Parking Permit in your August 22nd Council meeting.

Thank you.


Your Name

* You do not have to be a resident of Palo Alto to write a letter of support. Being a member of our church lends meaningful support as well, especially since we have our own Safe Parking site.

Palo Alto City Council Contact Information

City Council city.council@cityofpaloalto.org

Mayor Pat Burt          Pat.Burt@cityofpaloalto.org              (650) 892-0925

Vice Mayor Lydia Kou Lydia.Kou@cityofpaloalto.org            (650) 308-9893

Alison Cormack          Alison.Cormack@cityofpaloalto.org   (650) 329-2480

Tom DuBois              Tom.DuBois@cityofpaloalto.org        (415) 377-8455

Eric Filseth                Eric.Filseth@cityofpaloalto.org          (650) 329-2162

Greer Stone              Greer.Stone@cityofpaloalto.org        (650) 575-0405

Greg Tanaka             Greg.Tanaka@cityofpaloalto.org       (415) 968-9436