Please sign in as you arrive!

As you’ll see when you arrive at UUCPA, there is a single entrance to the Main Hall: the double set of double doors that open onto the front garden. Please use that entrance, and sign in as you do, so that we can reach out to everyone if there is a case of COVID exposure. We have done this numerous times during the pandemic, both for UUCPA and non-UUCPA events. Likewise, if you are going to Forum or another event for adults, please come by the welcome table in front of the Main Hall. (Children’s Religious Education does its own checking in.)

If you wish to attend a service or other event indoors, it’s also important to show proof of vaccination, if you have not already sent it in. We want to be able to assure everyone that if they are indoors, everyone around them has been vaccinated.

In exchange for this minor inconvenience, you get to contribute to public health and exchange friendly words with our Membership Engagement Coordinator, John Wright, who is to be found by the welcome table all Sunday morning.

Thank you!