Chalice Sunday

Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto Sermons and Reflections
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto Sermons and Reflections
Chalice Sunday

Our annual intergenerational service in which we ask and answer questions such as: What is the origin of the flaming chalice symbol? What does the chalice mean to you? What happens when we put all those meanings together into one community? Why do we have this service at this time of year?

Bring the spark of your spirit and light a candle to make our beacon burn brightly. If you have a chalice you use at home, please do bring it along!–we will have one on our altar for each UU principle, including the eighth, and one of the chalices can be yours. If you’re attending online, make sure to have a chalice or candle ready.

We learn about our newest justice partner today! Thandiwe Jennifer Lyons will join us to tell us about Onyxx Village Connection and how their mission and ours fit together.

Worship leaders: Revs. Catherine Boyle and Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Special music: Thomas Shoebotham, cello

Follow along in the order of service

If you prefer to attend online, there are two options. One, join the service via Zoom by clicking here.. To get the passcode, email or call UUCPA’s outgoing voicemail message, 650-494-0541. It is also included in the weekly update emails. Two, to watch the service live on our Facebook page (no passcode required), visit UUCPA’s live Facebook feed.

Photo by Scott Parry on Unsplash