Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

The Function of Freedom

As the word “liberal” implies, religious liberalism asserts the centrality of freedom in how we relate to one another, our institutions, and the search for a good life. James Luther Adams and Toni Morrison are our guides as we look at how that really plays out in daily life.

Following the Yarn of Curiosity

You don’t have to go to another country to experience culture shock, or learn a foreign language to practice cross-cultural communication. Opportunities abound right in your neighborhood . . . right in our congregation . . . And as many describe diversity as a threat, it’s a skill the world needs more than ever. Special Music: Melanie Clapies, violin

Why Do We Build the Wall?

Taking a theme from the Broadway hit Hadestown, this Labor Day weekend we’ll look at some of the myths of prosperity, such as that it is a zero-sum game, where some must be desperately poor for others to thrive, even survive. Can we rediscover stories that help us to imagine another route to prosperity, or if not, invent some? Special Music: Ihang Lin, pianist

Mission – What’s Out There

The great Unitarian Universalist theologian, James Luther Adams, articulated five principles (“Five Smooth Stones”) that defined religious liberalism. In this first of a series, we’ll look at the profoundly transformative idea that truth continues to be revealed and that the future, therefore, holds more to discover. Special Music: Margaret Davis and Kristoph, harp and guitar

Today’s entire offering collection will be donated to Hotel de Zink.

Water Communion

In our annual ritual of ingathering, we bring water from the places of our lives, and pour the many waters into a communal bowl in a ritual honoring variety and unity. Music:Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano

An Invitation to Action

“Friend” means so many things, from an acquaintance you allow to read your social media, to the person for whom you’d drop everything and travel a thousand miles if they needed someone. What does it mean to you to have a friend? To be a friend? And what are you doing to tend your friendships? Music: Ruth Huber, piano

Question Box

In lieu of a sermon, Amy will answer as many of your questions as possible. Come to the service to submit them!
Special Music: The Aurora Singers


Together we celebrate the fruits of the harvest today, in preparation for Lammas or Lughnasadh, the Celtic holiday (August 1) when we give thanks for plans that have come to fruition and recognize the gifts that we receive and give. In a ritual of gratitude and promise, we will share the Lammas bread. Special Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano

Unapologetic Fatherhood

Summer Schedule Starts Today!  There is only one service at 10:30 am.
Father’s Day gets short shrift. In schools, because end-of-year celebrations are underway; in many UU churches, because it’s their Flower Communion or there are no summer services; even marketers don’t know what to tell you to buy Dad except a tie, and he probably doesn’t like wearing them. And then there’s our discomfort with traditional ideas of fatherhood and masculinity, and our slowness to embrace new ones. All of which means fatherhood is in need of our tender loving care. Whether you’re a dad or not, have one or not, you’ll take something hopeful away from today’s service. Special Music: Broceliande, Celtic music trio

You, The Religious Educator

Our Children’s Religious Education (RE) year draws to a close, but exploration and expansion of our spiritual selves does not pause in summer. It isn’t carried out just in the classroom, either, or just by our RE teachers. Springboarding from some of their wisdom, we’ll discover how each of us not only can be a religious educator but is already. Music: Mary Gospe, vocalist/guitar