Speaker: Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

In Wildness . . .

50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day.

Also today, Violet Saena will speak in both services about Acterra, and the entire offering collection will be donated to them.

Life Finds a Way – Intergenerational Easter Service

Celebrate Easter with UUCPA from the comfort of your home.
Special Music: Liz Russ, soprano

9:30 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/383823157
11:00 am: Join via Zoom video: zoom.us/j/678952632
Meeting passwords were emailed to announce and creparents. If you don’t have a password, call the UUCPA main #650-494-0541 to get the password OR instead, please watch the service on our Facebook page: facebook.com/uucpa.

The Language of the Soul

Order of service: bit.ly/uucpa_oos_20200405

If someone asked you to suggest three symbols that are important to you, what three would you name? They might be visual images, or they might take some other form, such as a melody or an object. Symbols have extraordinary power, and today we’ll use them to create a sacred space in our homes.
Special music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, piano

Your Daily Book

The poet Ross Gay undertook a year of writing, each day, about a delight he had observed that day, and published it as The Book of Delights. If you wrote down the things you observe about your day each evening as it ends, what would the resulting volume be about? Worry? Gratitude, as suggested by an upcoming workshop led by UUCPA member Susan Plass? Complaints? Nature? Happiness? Plans? . . . And what shape does this focus give the rest of your life? Special music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, piano

For Such a Time as This

What religious, spiritual, and philosophical values accompany us when we go to the polls? For us to honor them truly, they aren’t just a matter of voting, ourselves, this week and in November. Our faith was forged for a moment like this one, when the most fundamental right of a democratic society is under assault. Some of the UUCPA members involved in UU the Vote will participate in today’s service, and we will take action in the service to guarantee voting rights that were promised long ago but have never been fully realized. Special Music: Brad Handshy, pianist

The Danger of a Single Story

The title comes from the novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who said in a talk, “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” We’ll reflect on when we have been seen as one story, when we have seen others this way, and what we can do about it.
Special Music: Yuri Liberzon, classical guitar


Ours is a wealthy country, and yet one in which the hunger to have more is never satisfied. It can be so difficult to get off the consumerist merry go round, even when we know it is only taking us in circles. How can we reach a point of Enough? Special Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano