Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Our Lifesaving Superpowers

Daylight Savings Time ends: turn clocks back one hour.
In a world in which it is dangerous to fail to conform with gender norms, we have the power to make the difference between death and life. You can be part of UUCPA’s lifesaving mission, now, this Transgender Day of Remembrance (coming up on the 20th), and every day. Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano

Find A Place Of Rest In The Middle Of Things

Our annual remembrance service is a good place to put Frank Ostaseski’s invitations to the test. They arose out of his experiences of working with people close to death and grieving them. What rest can we find in the middle of that most invasive experience, loss? Your mementos and photos of loved ones are welcome to our altar. Music: Jim Stevens guitar

Bring Your Whole Self

The third in the “Five Invitations” series, this phrase of Frank Ostaseski’s invites us to take the previous one and apply it particularly to ourselves. What parts of ourselves do we want to leave out of our experiences? What might happen if we brought everything about ourselves and left none of it outside? Music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, piano

Don’t Wait

Frank Ostaseski, a Buddhist teacher and end-of-life caregiver, suggests five invitations into fuller life. We’ll explore one in each of five services. Today’s: Don’t wait. Why do we wait to do things we know we feel called to do? What does the waiting cost?
Music: Eric Leong, violin

We Hear Each Other Into Speech

Something happens when someone gives their whole attention to our words: we may discover things we didn’t know until that attention brought forth words from us. Our Transcendentalist ancestors knew this, and made conversation one of their spiritual practices. We have that spiritual practice as well at UUCPA, and we’ll engage in it this morning.
Music: Be’eri Moalem,viola

Water Communion

In our annual ritual of ingathering, we bring water from the places of our lives, and pour the many waters into a communal bowl in a ritual honoring variety and unity. We welcome the Adult Choir back after their several-week break. Music: Nicholas Dold, piano

Your Island of Sanity

The world is big and messy and getting messier all the time. We are pulled in two directions: to engage and make a difference, and to retreat into a safe place. Both are important to a meaningful and sustainable life. Let’s explore the possibility of integrating these two needs. Music: Four Shillings Short, Celtic singers/musicians
DUAL SERVICES (at 9:30 and 11 am) RESUME TODAY!
Justice Partner Collection Week: This is the week that we donate the entire non-pledge collection to our Justice Partner of the Month: South Bay Sanctuary Covenant