With the Ancestors

Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
With the Ancestors

A lovely expression some use for the sad moment of a loved one’s death is “They have joined the ancestors.” We have so many ancestors: everyone who shaped our lives, who helped make us what we are–especially in ways that we treasure. They may be relatives, friends, strangers, even non-human beings. And we ourselves are already becoming ancestors of those who will follow. Today, in our annual Remembrance Service, we honor our ancestors, feel their presence in our living, and consider what kind of ancestors we want to be.

You are encouraged to add to today’s altar the photos and other mementos of those you have loved who are now among the ancestors, and to light candles and share their names when you arrive. Attending online? Send your photos to Amy by 5 pm on Saturday.

Worship leader: Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Worship Associate: Mary Grebenkemper

Special music: Varsha Saxena, improvisational piano

Follow along in the order of service, bit.ly/uucpa_oos_20221030.

9:30: We gather in person, on the main patio, distanced 3′ and masked for safety. Please sign in at the welcome table as you arrive, for the sake of contact tracing.

11:00: We gather in person in the Main Hall, in person on the main patio, and via Zoombit.ly/uucpa_service_11am. In-person, we are distanced 3′ and masked for safety; proof of vaccination is required to enter the Main Hall. You may also sit on the patio if you prefer. Please sign in at the welcome table as you arrive, for the sake of contact tracing. To watch the service live on our Facebook page, visit: www.facebook.com/uucpa/live_videos.