Sewer line update

Dear UUCPA Community, here is an update on the sewer work on campus.
The first phase of the sewer work is now complete.  That included the replacement and re-grading of a long sewer section from outside Room 6 to the front of Room 3 and the replacement of the main 6″ sewer line between the front of Room 3 and the street. This section had been broken up and clogged during the winter and was the root cause of the problems around the campus.  The contractor also replaced worn-out sewers under the Main Hall kitchen.  That is all connected again now.  Except for brief periods of continuing sewer work, all bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks are usable.

We also discovered that the sewer from the Main Hall kitchen to the front of Room 3 needed serious work.  We are replacing the sewer from near the kitchen on the driveway side of the Main Hall, to the front of the Main Hall, and then across the front of the Main Hall to meet the main sewer in front of Room 3.  This is using a relining method, with a new line pulled through the original sewer pipe.  That work started last week.  The holes in the concrete in the front of the Main Hall, and the remaining hole in the Thacher yard are for sewer access for that work.

At this point we expect all sewers and all bathrooms to be operational from now until the completion of the project, except for a limited time when the new pipes are being installed, on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week (May 29-30).  During that time the bathrooms and kitchen in the Main Hall will not be usable.  There should be no interruption to the use of the outdoor bathrooms.    We plan on keeping the temporary portapotty behind the Main Hall until the job is complete.  

The expected completion of this job is June 5, but there may be a few more days of work if issues are found in one lateral between the Main Hall bathroom and the sewer.  We should become aware of the scope there this week when the new sewer is installed, and that line is accessed.