Snapshots from the Stuffie Sleepover!

What a fabulous sleepover we held for our stuffie friends this past week! Much thanks to the stuffie’s host of the most Alex Braille for all his help ensuring they had a blast. Stuffies will be ready for pick up in the lobby of the Main Hall this Sunday. They got lots of stories to tell of their adventures at church- here are a few: 

Stuffies started off their stay with a chalice lighting. Boba, the small pink Hello Kitty, lit the chalice. 

Outside was so beautiful and the rose garden smelled so good. Our stuffie friends wanted to get a good whiff.

Stitch and Dachy smelling a yellow rose. 

The beagle pointed out to the narwhale that he matches the color of this rose. 


“I prefer the smell of tuna.”- Lil Bub (who is wearing green)

Big and small all help each other. 

Then Narwhale and Boba had some tea. 

Meanwhile Stitch, Dachy and Beagle went off-roading! 


Meanwhile the kittys cooked up a storm using a cookbook. 

Stuffies sat on the quilt for Time for All Ages (Stuffies).

An announcement from the sea! 

Excellent listeners and friends. 

The Stuffies’ host Alex gave a sermon on the importance of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

“Meow,he speaks wisdom!” – Lil Bub

Alex kept the stuffies engaged with some sweet moves. 

Sermon over! Thanks for listening! 

One last group photo of all the new friends!