Social Networking for Good – Invite Friends to our Christmas Eve Services

Please remember to invite Friends to our beautiful Christmas Eve Services (tonight, Saturday, December 24th at 6:30 and 8 p.m.) Such beautiful music and carol singing throughout, our glowing candles we each hold ~ such a magical, emotional evening with Family and Friends. Lovely for us all, and for newcomers to experience that special evening.

At last Wednesday’s Winter Solstice celebration, the Main Hall and patio were filled with more people than ever before on this first winter night. Lots of young families and those with extensive life experience ~ We were all so happy.

Now we are looking forward to tonight, Christmas Eve’s special music, candlelight, and drinking in the warmth of being together in community.

Happiest holiday wishes,

Aditi, Rev. Cat, John, Kristi, Maricia, and Elsa