Social Networking for Good – Invite Friends to Our Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve Services

Thanks all for the great input at last week’s Second Sunday Lunch: Such helpful and creative ways to bring in new people and to discover the rich experiences we enjoy at UUCPA.

Please remember to invite Friends to our beautiful Christmas Eve Services (Dec. 24th at 6:30 and 8 p.m.) and the Winter Solstice Celebration (Dec 21st at 7 pm, with music, candles, participation, food, and mulled wine: even the burning of a yule log outside in the fire-pit at the end!)

We’re looking for other ways to get YAG and CRE Parent input since Second Sunday Lunch is not feasible – please send us any ideas you have! 

Happiest holiday wishes,

Aditi, Rev. Cat, John, Kristi, Maricia and Elsa ( for e-mail feedback)