Social Networking for Good!

We’re coming out of the worst of C-19 – let’s build back our newcomers now that they can discover our beautiful, newly-colorful campus!

Join us Sunday December 11th on the Patio for Second Sunday Lunch to build on the burgeoning efforts from the Membership and Growth Committee such as:

  • Kristi (and often, John, Amy, Rev. Cat, and/or members of the Young Adult group, as requested) responding immediately to everyone who requests a connection
  • the new social media plan Mag Cumbow has created
  • the ARE and OWL classes reaching out into the local community
  • Rev. Cat’s inventive Parents’ Nights Out and Family Game Nights
  • Randy and Lisa Helmonds gearing up to table at the Farmers’ Market
  • tea with Amy for newcomers
  • John Wright’s lauded “Lessons from the Welcome Table” classes so many of us have appreciated!

Let’s brainstorm and put into action links to the similarly-profiled groups we know, and invite our friends who might be nurtured by the inspiring community and content we offer.  How about inviting them to our beautiful Christmas Eve Service, setting the tone for our holiday season in a musically rich, candlelight setting ~ such a great introduction for anyone.

Join us a week from tomorrow, December 11th, and help feed your bubbling-up ideas for bringing new people here to enjoy what we most drink in about being here. Onward and upward!

–Elsa Schafer