Speaker: Andrew Hidas

A long-lapsed Catholic who found his way to Unitarian Universalism as an adult. Brian considers himself a devout and observant non-theist.

Brian studied political science as an undergrad, psychology and theology as a grad. He relies on fiction, existentialism, physical activity and the mystics of every tradition for much of his internal scaffolding.

His blog: http://andrewhidas.com

Liberal Or Literal?

The challenge posed by literalists of every stripe: from the September 11 jihadists to your sweet aunt in Kansas who loves Jesus and Ted Cruz, all of which greatly challenge our own self-perceptions of being as “liberal” as we think we are. Our guest takes on the task of “translating” literalist belief structures to come to some kind of equanimity in our own understanding and “tolerance” of them. Worship Leader: Andrew Hidas