Speaker: Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

Rev. Ranwa Hammamy (they/she) is the Executive Director of the UU Justice Ministry of California, which connects, informs, and engages UUs around California in the work of justice and equity. They have also served as the President of the DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries) Steering Committee, a national organization that supports UU People of Color. When not working, Ranwa finds joy in singing, baking, and spending time with her spouse and their 5 fur babies.

Deep Love

“Side with Love.” This rallying cry and campaign has been a marker of Unitarian Universalism for years, ever evolving to respond to the injustices in our world. But what does it *really* mean to side with love? What does it ask of us, as people of faith, to be and do in a world where hate and fear feel abundant? Special Music: Ruth Huber, piano

Patient Justice

In Islamic theology, there is a concept known as “sabr.” Roughly translated, it means “perseverance” or “patient endurance.” But sabr is not a passive state – it is an active one, integral to achieving our fullest potential. On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, how can we learn from sabr and shape our efforts to create a more just and liberated world?
Special music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, piano.