Speaker: Rev. Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes was ordained as Lutheran clergy, then transferred to Unitarian Universalism after experiencing the realities of our first principle in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He also worked as a medical social worker and as co-owner of a small business. He enjoys supply preaching, folk music, and therapeutic narrative. He is a professional life coach and Duke trained Integrative Health Coach. Rev. Hughes is the author of the chapter on “Movement” in Everyday Spiritual Practice published by Skinner House. He and Judy live in North Carolina and come to California to visit their son and his family—and this time, to inspire us.

Waking Up-Prior to the Pigpen

There is an ancient story about a young fellow who finds himself in dire straits, partly of his own making, and then “comes to his senses.” This morning we will consider some ways of making healthier decisions and avoiding such dire straits. Worship Leader: Rev. Robert Hughes, Music: Broceliande