Speaker: Zr. Alex Kapitan

Zr. Alex Kapitanis a lay community minister, a trans and queer lifelong UU, co-leader of the Transforming Hearts Collective, and founder of the project Radical Copyeditor. Alex worked for many years at the UUA’s national office supporting Welcoming Congregation, anti-racism, and social justice projects, and now does interfaith LGBTQ work and supports congregations in becoming places of radical welcome for all. Ze lives in western Massachusetts with a menagerie of furry and feathered friends.

Radical Welcome

In these times, we deeply need faith communities dedicated to love and justice and compelled to live out radical welcome as a spiritual practice. In this service guest preacher Zr. Alex Kapitan, one of the leaders of “Trans Inclusion in Congregations,” the course that UUCPA is about to engage with, will share how radical welcome isn’t about simply opening our (virtual or physical) doors or being friendly, it’s about creating spaces where each of us can bring our full selves forward, see our truths reflected, and be transformed by our relationships with one another. Special Music: Karen Van Dyke, flute

The order of service is here.