Spooky Season at UUCPA

Centuries ago in Ireland, travelers along the road reported balls of lights that would dance across the hills and valleys. When followed, these balls would lead errant travelers on an endless journey until they tired and gave up or these mysterious lights disappear when the traveler fell upon a fate strange or sinister. These mysterious lights were called the will-o’-the-wisps. 

In the 1600s, people began carving vegetables to mimic these unusual lights, carving faces and designs and now in modern day USA, we know these as jack o’lanterns.

I believe that jack o’lanterns are truly different from the legend they were meant to mimic for these toothy faces on autumn nights don’t lead people away from home on quests worthy of a Netflix series. They lead people home, to laughter and joy, to sweets and good times as they guide Trick or Treaters from house to house as we celebrate this season together as a community. 

We have some special events lined up for this spooktacular season here at UUCPA CYRE. I hope you and yours will follow our jack o’lanterns home to the church.

Brightest blessings to you, 

Rev. Cat